360° Indoor Camera

Taking the next step in 360° total situational awareness.

5MP sensor:

  • Constant 360° surveillance, no blind spots
  • Ultra-small enclosure ideal for discreet mounting
  • No moving parts; no maintenance; silent operation
  • 0.2 lux minimum illumination; enhanced WDR
  • Up to 30fps video stream at 1MP and 1⁄4MP
  • PoE powered; with integrated RJ45 ying lead
  • 3-years warranty

IR Optical Filter

  • Visible light + near infrared pass-band at 850nm

Advanced event management

  • microSD card slot for local recording and advanced event management

A truly discreet installation

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Professional light weight enclosure
  • Pleasing aesthetics in white or black finish
  • Convenient surface-mounting

Mounting options

  • Pole mount adapter
  • M20 conduit back box
  • Indoor kit (pole mount adapter + conduit back box)

Extensive NVR/VMS platform integration;
Full live and retrospective dewarping

  • Market leading Oncam Grandeye 3D dwarfing software
  • Camera features are accessible via VMS platforms
  • Simultaneous multiple video streams; with resolutions from 528×480 to 2144×1944
  • 50x digital zoom capability through client-side dwarfing
  • H.264/MJPEG streaming with multiple quality levels
  • Optimises bandwidth and storage utilisation
  • Con gurable password protection
  • Intuitive web-based interface for viewing and configuration
  • Supports major VMS / NVR / HDVR systems