Ram it, slam it or try to drag it — Raminator stays fixed

As criminals become more creative, new methods and tools must be used to protect people and assets. ATM Raminator gives the advantage back to you. Our patented technology hinders ATM removal by brute force. This very same technology will provide protection for safes and a variety of other security containers.

In days past, the theft of an ARM was relatively simple. Criminals could net a large reward in seconds by using methods like chain pull-out, prying, and vehicle attacks, to name a few.

Typical ATM anchoring bolts fail due to the attack energy forcing the base concrete to shatter. The ATM Raminator product line is designed to absorb and redirect any “attacking force” using its patented technology. Expecting an easy heist, theives get confused. They leave the site realizing the ATM cannot be quickly dislodged.


  • Engineered to withstand repeated rammings, keeping your ATM fixed and unable to be removed
  • Unique design absorbs shock loads while reducing the lever-arm effect
  • Cleverly uses the ATM’s body to shield the restraint device, sending thieves away empty-handed
  • Installation kit makes it easy to secure most ATMs with side, rear or floor mounting options