Control panel SP131

8-32 zone and 4 PGM security control panel with integrated GSM communicator.

Panel Features:

  • 8 zones (expandable up to 32)
  • 4 PGM outputs, controlled with a phone call or with SMS message
  • Port for connecting two-wire fire (smoke) detector
  • AC or DC power supply
  • Message transmission through GPRS to the main or backup IP addresses. If GRPS connection is lost, messages are sent with SMS messages
  • Messages are sent in Contact ID codes
  • Constant control of connection with ARC
  • Information about events to users with SMS messages or telephone calls
  • Port for connecting additional VHF/UHF, Ethernet or GSM transmitter
  • Event log
  • Remote configuration, control and update from ARC
  • Control with our Protegus SK130LED or with Paradox K32+, K32, K636, K10V, K10H keypads, OS Android program, phone call, SMS or iButton key

Security control panel SP131 is configured to work with PROTEGUS App. Android OS App Protegus communicates via SMS and call. This method of communication is used in order to increase security level and reliable connection between your mobile device and home security system.

Download PROTEGUS App Here