Videofied, a fully wireless alarm system provides alarm video verification and is one of the most innovative security systems to date. A product by RSI Video Technologies of France, Videofied features GPRS data reporting and video verification which provides highly effective security for users.

A very unique security solution, Videofied combines wireless radio frequency connectivity, GPRS cellular communication and video clip recording into one exceptionally effective security solution. This battery operated wireless alarm system is capable of lasting up to 4 years if used under the right conditions. Videofied allows CMS service providers to confirm alarm events by sending a 10-second video clip via GPRS communication from the system to the CMS operator for verification.

With the help of a two-way radio frequency, this battery operated wireless alarm system can communicate between the alarm system controller and its sensors. If the Videofied motion sensor is triggered, it will immediately begin recording a 10-second video while the alarm controller panel is connecting to the monitoring station. Once connected, the video is sent along with an alarm signal to the monitoring centre, allowing the CMS operator to verity the alarm signal and escalate the process to the next level.

Your Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Videofied suitable for the residential market?
    Yes. Videofied is designed to be applicable to a variety of consumers from residential to industrial.
  • Can Videofied immediately transmit to my mobile device?
    Unfortunately, no. Videofied cannot be used by owners for self-security monitoring. The system must work with a monitoring station to receive, monitor and verify alarms.
  • How can Videofied help improve security services?
    Video verification is beginning to gain awareness in the security industry simply because security service providers and CMS providers are realising the need to verify certain events. The quicker an alarm event can be verified as a true security concern, the faster and better the response.
  • Why should consumers and security service providers choose Videofied?
    Traditional security alarm systems and video surveillance systems have their drawbacks — alarm systems need a method to verify alerts and video surveillance systems and a method to draw the attention of the monitoring parties to watch the video. Videofied combines the power of both solutions, complimenting each other to provide security as a complete service.
  • I have not heard of Videofied, is there anyone who has effectively used the product?
    Presently, Videofied is a new solution that best serves sites with no readily available communication and power architecture such as remote locations, construction sites and places with very few people. The most recent Videofied system installations are with the Maxis cellular service provider.
  • I am interested in Videofied for my security needs, what do I do?
    Videofied requires the service of a CMS service provider. Simply give us a call, and we will be happy to connect you to the relevant service providers here in Malaysia.