About Us

Company Background

Established in 1988, STRATEL (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD is a leading wholesale distributor of innovative security products, serving professional installers, system integrators and security firms. We distribute a wide of range of award-winning products from world-class manufacturers in Europe, North America and Australasia.

Unlike other products reactive in nature, Stratel offers REAL-TIME, PREVENTIVE security solutions to enable early warning of threats and stop a crime in progress, thereby minimizing losses.

Among others, our product range includes alarm intrusion panels with real-time video alarm verification, Central Monitoring Station (CMS) hardware and software, PIDS (Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems), fog generators for instant protection of premises, cellular alarm signaling, personnel tracking and monitoring consoles for command centers. Recent additions include a full access control range and A.I. based products (edge-based alarm systems and A.I. video processing devices) for the early detection of security threats.

Expanding Worldwide

With over 1,000 distribution points in the ASEAN region and beyond (15 additional countries worldwide), Stratel leads the professional installer market for intrusion prevention and real-time defeating of crime.

As a value-added wholesale distributor serving only security professionals, we have gained the trust of most global players in the security industry.

With a particular focus on intrusion prevention and alarm signaling, Stratel regularly introduces revolutionary products that reshape the security industry.

Stratel’s Approach

We aim to be the most trusted technology partner for security integrators in the region


Our electronic security industry is progressing constantly. What was relevant two years ago no longer is today. Such fast pace business environment is forcing security practitioners to update their knowledge on a regular basis. The evolution of hardware and associated ecosystem (software, communication technology) require resellers to constantly revisit methods and offerings. Without such effort, integrators would become quickly irrelevant to the market.

As a responsible distributor, Stratel places strong emphasis on educating installers, integrators and security firms on the latest technologies available, enabling them to recommend their customers the most appropriate solutions.

Stratel offers regular product updates, technology seminars and trainings. We have a dedicated training theatre where complimentary sessions are offered and often led hand-in-hand with our principals.

Complementing it, our sales team also engages with corporate consumers to share new concepts and generate new business opportunities that can then be passed on to our customers.

Detect . Verify . Defeat (D.V.D)

Our solutions revolve around the concept of detecting security threats, confirming them and defeating them using proactive approach and cutting-edge technologies.

Product Support

Instead of offering hundreds of products, we place emphasis on in-depth competency in selected product lines (intrusion alarms, CMS software, alarm communication, security fogging devices) to provide our customers with the best possible pre and post-sales support. We work directly with principals and manufacturers to ensure first-hand knowledge is made available.

Company History

Stratel (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (166069-W)