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CMS (Central Monitoring Software)


SECURITHOR is the top choice for your monitoring, whether it is for a guard booth, an industrial site, an office building or a 50,000 sites confirmed Central Monitoring Station with 50,000 sites.

SECURITHOR enables enterprises to monitor their own sites or supervise the sites of others by operating Central Monitoring Stations. MCDI Monitoring products have been used in over 70 countries since 1994 and are currently installed in more than 9000 locations worldwide. Starting from a core version, various features can be added to tailor the system to specific needs.


  • Video verification for selected brands eg. HIKVISION, DAHUA, etc – (ST1 and STS version)
  • Automatic scheduled reports via email
  • Flexible and scalable workstations – single operator or multiple operators working simultaneously
  • Manual or automatic alarm processing
  • Optional modules:
    • MCB Module: Mission Control Board (MCB) module for tracking and dispatching staff
    • CTD Module: Click-to-dial (CTD) module with call recording feature
    • Verificathor Module: Notification and Verifications to staff and clients, per account and alarm code
    • WAM Module: Web access for staff, installers and clients
    • APS+ Help Button Module: Help button (iPhone and Android supported)
    • CAM+ Module: Video verification for more comprehensive brands
    • Live backup

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The Mission Control Board works with the MCB Android app to locate and facilitate interaction between the base station and mobile staff. Stay informed about employees’ whereabouts, availability, and apply geo-fencing. Assign missions, dispatch them on surveillance tours, or provide visit/delivery itineraries.

Enhance customer service by obtaining proof of presence through documented reports, including pictures and videos taken by your visiting staff. This allows for tracking staff, offer improved services, and provide customers with detailed updates.

Available as SECURITHOR plug-in module or standalone version (MCB Go).

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MVP Map View and Plans

MVP proposes an easy to grasp, intuitive way to respond to alarm and fire events. Clear icons show types of alarms and which site is armed or disarmed. One click to find closest staff member or fire house. The right tool for industries and One click to find closest staff member or fire house. The right tool for industries and Institutions who want to supervise their own intrusion and fire alarms. Institutions who want to supervise their own intrusion and fire alarms.

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Patriot Automation Software

PATRIOT is the cutting-edge Central Station Software, incorporating the latest software technologies to deliver an extensive and seamless alarm automation system. It offers power, flexibility, reliability, and ease of use. Patriot’s development team responds rapidly to market requirements, providing a package that is stable and continuously evolving its feature set.

Additional Modules can be added to the main Patriot Software, allowing customization of the Patriot package to station requirements. The flexible Patriot license system enables the addition of trials or purchase of modules at any time. 


  • Operates on Windows with SQL database
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) & High Availability (HA) options. Supports Clustering & Mirroring
  • Extensive Online Documentation
  • 24/7 Emergency Support Program
  • Scalable from 100 to 1,000,000+ Accounts
  • Certified UL & ULC. Meets Grade 1, BSI requirements
  • Powerful Range of Optional Modules

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