PuriFog Biotect AV systems have been specially designed to help you clean, hygienize and disinfect any professional or domestic environment due to the micron-sized sprayed droplets, that thanks to the uniform diffusion in the air, enabling it to reach all possible cracks, angles and surfaces (even vertical). This is due to the micron size fog droplets that uniformly disperse in the air, reaching all horizontal and vertical surfaces leaving nothing untouched.

PuriFog Biotect AV is the strongest version in the PuriFog range to help combat the present pandemic of COVID-19 and is strong enough to even disinfect all surfaces within a hospital plus deep clean and hygienizes the air. PuriFog Biotect AV must not be breathed in, therefore workspaces homes and vehicles must be vacant while PuriFog Biotect AV is emitting fog and whilst the fog is present.‚Äč