Cellular Security Control Panel CG17

CG17 is a multifunctional security control panel with an integrated cellular communicator.

With the CG17 you can:

  • Install a simple security system that can be monitored and controlled remotely.
  • Control various equipment remotely (e.g. heating and ventilation systems, automatic gates) and monitor temperature.
  • Notify users about events.
  • Send event notifications to the receiver of a security company.


Sends events to monitoring station receiver:

  • Sends events to TRIKIDS software or hardware receivers that work with any monitoring software.
  • Can send event messages to SIA DC-09 receivers.
  • Connection supervision by polling to IP receiver every 30 seconds (or by user defined period).
  • Backup channel that will be used if connection with the primary channel is lost.
  • Events can be reported to CMS with SMS messages. SMS will be sent even if data connection stops working in the mobile operator network.
  • With parallel communication channels events can be sent to two receivers at same time.
  • When Protegus service is enabled, events are first delivered to CMs, and only then are sent to app users.

Works with Protegus app:

  • “Push” and special sound notifications informing about events.
  • Remote system Arm/Disarm.
  • Remote control of connected devices (lights, gates, ventilation systems, heating, sprinklers, etc.).
  • Remote temperature monitoring (with iO or iO-WL expanders).
  • Different user rights for administrator, installer and user.
  • Users can also be informed about events with SMS messages and phone calls.

Notifies users about events:

  • Calls specified phone numbers (up to 8 users) and informs about events using recorded voice messages.
  • Send SMS messages about events.
  • “Push” and special sound event notifications using the Protegus app.

Remote system and output control:

  • Using Protegus app.
  • Using contact (iButton) key reader.
  • By calling the device’s phone number.
  • Using SMS messages.
  • Using an automatic “if…then” algorithm. E.g. when an input is enabled or the temperature exceeds a certain limit, an output will be turned on.

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