Environmental security systems use sensors to monitor the changes of specific environmental conditions such as water level, temperature level, humidity and the presence of gas, smoke and heat.

Environmental security sensors work with alarm controllers, and raise the alert when a particular set of alarm conditions are detected. One simple example of an environmental sensor is a smoke detector.

The environmental sensors trigger an electrical signal to the alarm controller. Each sensor is connected to a specific cable terminal on a security alarm controller, which indicates the ‘zone’ along with a description in the alarm controller programming. Environmental sensors trigger specific alarm codes on alarm systems for monitoring stations to take notice of emergency signals.

Your Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can alarm systems help monitor environmental security?
    Environmental sensors such as water level detectors, water (leakage) detectors, gas detectors, heat detectors and even temperature sensors are highly capable of monitoring site conditions. They alert security alarm systems when the allowed threshold is reached or surpassed.
  • What are the sensors available?
    Stratel carries the following range of environmental sensors:
    – Gas: Propane and methane gas detectors
    – Temperature sensors: programmable with digital display sensors
    – Water sensors: triggers used for monitoring water leakages
    – Humidity sensors: used to set minimum and maximum levels of humidity
  • Can consumers install these sensors on their own?
    No. These environmental sensors require system settings in addition to the sensor settings. Installation of these sensors must be done by a trained system installer.
  • How do I purchase these Environmental sensors for my system?
    Environmental sensors require proper installation and system setup. Simply give us a call and we will be happy to connect you to any of our authorised dealers who will gladly provide you with more information.