GSM communicator G09

GSM communicator G09 is used to send security alarm system signals via GPRS from the protected object to the IP receivers operating in SIA standard DC-09 protocol in the monitoring station.

Communicator Features:

  • Message transmission via GPRS in SIA DC-09-2007 or SIA DC-09-2012 protocol
  • Transmission of non-encrypted or encrypted messages using AES 128-bit key via GPRS
  • Periodic control of GPRS communication with the IP receiver
  • Message transmission to the main IP receiver or, if communication fails – to the backup receiver
  • Message format – Contact ID protocol codes
  • Optional message transmission to PSTN receiver via GSM in SIA DC-05 protocol
  • Ability to send SMS messages to the mobile phones of up to 4 users
  • Message reception from data buses of Paradox, DSC, Caddx, Pyronix security control panels
  • 2 NC type inputs
  • PGM output controlled by SMS messages
  • Operation parameters set using MS Windows software via USB