GSM communicator G16T

Communicator G16T is intended to upgrade any intruder alarm panel with telephone line communicator (TLC) for event signalling via cellular network.

Communicator transmits full event information to Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).

Customers are informed about security system events in Protegus apps or with SMS messages. They can Arm/Disarm the alarm system remotely via panel’s keyswitch zone.


  • Communication modes:
    – GPRS or 3G
    – SMS
  • Two main communication channels working simultaneously
  • Each channel has a separate back-up channel
  • Connection control with ARC
  • Simultaneous event reporting to Protegus Mobile/Web application, allowing user to remotely monitor and control its alarm system
  • Event messages are transmitted in Contact ID codes
  • Event reporting via SMS messages to four different users in user friendly SMS messages