High-Performance Infrared Motion Detector

Easy to install. Easy to use.

  • Average time to install: 5 – 10 minutes
  • No PC board removal necessary, easy PC board installation, clip in/out (when desired)
  • Optional wall/ceiling mount bracket
  • Panel compatibility: EVO, Spectra, Magellan, 3rd party
  • Installer Test Mode: test microwave and infrared detection individually

Faster & More Reliable (NV5 offers superior, compared to Paradox PRO476 and NV500)

  • Catch performance
  • Even detection, no dead zones within the protected range
  • Response to movements – slow and fast
  • False alarm immunity Paradox technology, Auto Pulse Signal Processing (APSP) and Dual/ Single Edge Processing enables flexibility in setting detection response time compared to false alarm immunity
  • Digital temperature compensation — same catch capability at specified operating temperatures
  • RF immunity

Customizable Sensitivity Levels

  • 5 levels of sensitivity — choose level according to the needs of the protected area
  • Pet resistant
  • Adjustable creep zone — mirror add-on provides enhanced creep zone sensitivity and is recommended for best product performance

Paradox hybrid cylindrical-spherical Lens (patent pending)

Paradox’s Hybrid Cylindrical-Spherical takes the NV5 detection capabilities to a higher level than that of other detectors in this category.

The Hybrid lens (3rd generation 3D LoDiff® Fresnel segments) offers the best detection possible for passive infrared energy reception for:

  1. Far beams – cylindrical
  2. Medium/close beams/creep zone – spherical

This lens design allows for:

  • Ultimate perpendicular beam collection
  • Optically and digitally equalized beam pattern – all beams optimized for generating equal signal level at any distance or angle
  • Pet resistance beam pattern
  • EN50131 grade 2

Superior and uniform energy collection translates in a better image quality of the target which provides unmatched detection accuracy and stability.

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