16M Dual Mironel Optics Pet Immune Anti-Mask Detectors

Paradox NV75M/X/R/W Series indoor industry-leading detectors provide superior detection with rock solid stability capabilities thanks to the revolutionary dual Mironel Mirror / Fresnel PIR optics combined with Paradox True Pet Immunity, and best-in- the-industry active Anti – Mask technology (EN50131 Grade 3). The NV75MR wireless version provides three years of battery life with active Anti-Mask detection.Top of the line, NV75MW adds microwave frequency shift detection SeeTrue technology for the highest security applications.

The revolutionary Mironel mirror, combined with unique W shaped Fresnel optics, provides superior 16m / 52ft.) (EN Grade 3) coverage as well as Paradox True Pet Immunity or Creep Zone detection, packed in a compact, rigid uniquely styled design.


  • 16 meter Dual Mironel detector
  • Active Anti-Mask IR detection
  • Pet immunity
  • Dual/Single Edge operation
  • Mechanical activation Creep Zone
  • Dual Tamper (cover and wall)
  • Wall or corner-mount
  • Optional bracket

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