Paradox Security Systems is an alarm hardware manufacturer based in Canada, which emphasises dependable, easy-to-use and innovative alarm hardware for intrusion detection. This manufacturer is among the first to promote IP reporting and holds several patented technologies.

Paradox specialises in intruder detection solutions – system controllers, keypads, accessories and sensors. The products provide a wide range of application scenarios, from wireless home applications to commercial building scale solutions and are modular based. This means the systems can be expanded in size with certain features by combining modules.

The alarm system controller serves as the main brain of the Paradox Security System, storing all programming, user identification and passwords while the control keypads are for users to interact with the alarm system to trigger panic alarms, arming/disarming the system, etc. Along with sensors like motion sensors and glass break detectors along with communicators via a telephone line, mobile wireless dialers and other means, the Paradox Alarm System is extremely efficient when it comes to protecting your home. When the sensors are triggered, the alarm system controller will be alerted and will either report the trigger to monitoring stations or mobile numbers.

Your Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Paradox an established security alarm brand?
    Yes, it is. Sold in over 22 countries around the world, Paradox Security Systems is from Canada. The alarm controllers and keypads are manufactured and fully imported from Canada.
  • Is Paradox very expensive?
    Fortunately, no. The Paradox Alarm System is still among the most affordable range of fully imported, international security systems available in the Malaysian market.
  • I have an alarm system but I do not know the brand. Can I opt to use the Paradox system with my existing alarm system?
    The Paradox Alarm System requires the main alarm controller and keypads to be Paradox products because Paradox alarm controllers and keypads use special proprietary encryption and signals. So no, you can’t use an existing system.
  • I have a problem with my Paradox Alarm System and I am unable to contact the system installer. What do I do?
    Give us a call at 603-6157 1848 or email us at Our sales coordinators will contact you with more information, and direct you to one of our dealers at your nearest location.
  • Is there a wireless solution for Paradox systems?
    Yes, there is! Paradox has solutions suited for fully wired, a combination of wired and wireless (also called Hybrids), and 100% wireless systems. Going ‘Hybrid’ is also possible for existing wired Paradox systems.
  • I am interested in getting a security system for my premises. What do I do?
    Although we do not provide security systems installation, simply give us a call and we can connect you with authorised Paradox dealers closest to you.
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