Patriot 6.9 includes in excess of 70 new features incorporated into Patriot software in conjunction with ongoing performance tuning and security enhancements. New third-party integrations for Xero, SCSI Duress Watch, Tiandy, Chiptech, Hikvision Alarm Panels, Dynamics 365, Meitrack duress devices and AJAX panels have been introduced as well as countless new features and updates. As well as an easy to use user interface for your operators Patriot 6.9 has updated dispatch features, improved interface and status visualizations and new alarm automation options to ensure fast and effective response to alarm activations.​

The extended Dispatch functions include Web Dispatch, Manual Dispatch, Third Party services Dispatch and Patriot to Patriot Dispatch systems. Dispatch options can be ranked by global settings and groups or by Installer or client preferences. A Dispatch Map shows the site location along with the closest online Plink Patrol vehicles. Patrol Mapping and a flexible dispatch system makes it easy for operators allowing your station to get patrols to urgent alarms quickly.​

An enhanced Internet Client Access web module allows users, technicians and installers the ability to view, update and manage their data and jobs wherever they are. Installers can create new accounts quickly and easily, add in contacts, zones, configure response details and commission and decommission sites. Technicians can control test modes, view the live signal history and update, sign and complete their work orders from any web capable devices or the Plink app. End Users can view and update their contact details, view the patrol dispatch history including any important photos for review and arm and disarm compatible alarm systems from anywhere in the world.​

Virtual Guard Tours provide scheduled and manually activated camera tours of a site. A value added service that can be sold to your End Users to generate additional revenue and provide alternatives to physical guard patrols. Virtual Camera Tours can be run through almost any camera system and can be recorded for auditing and review.​

The new Plink Patrol App provides an integrated and paperless system for Patrol checks and Patrol Jobs while keeping them safe with a welfare check and duress system. Instantly and accurate dispatch Jobs from Patriot to the Patrol and allow communication of notes, photos, onsite/ off site time and other critical information between the Patrol and the Monitoring Station. Digital Runsheets mean a paperless and dynamic site check system that will allow Patrols to perform their site checks more effectively. NFC & QR codes can be scanned and checklists make sure all details are logged immediately into the central database for auditing and review.​

Patriot 6.9 is the most advanced alarm receiving software available in the market today. Additional features and enhancements are being added in every few weeks keeping Patriot stations ahead of the competition. Take your station to the next level and upgrade to Patriot 6.9 today.​ ​