STRATEL has always been your total security solution provider for Commercial & Residential protection. Now, thanks to PURIFOG AIR system. We can provide both SECURITY and ENVIRONMENT HYGIENE in 1 solution with a peace of mind!!!

Your safety and health is always our top priority.​

3 Steps of the sanitizing process :

  • Air cleaning and hygienizing
    PURIFOG cleans and hygienizes the air by dragging down on surfaces all micro particles in suspension.
  • Surfaces cleaning and hygienizing
    PURIFOG contains surfactant which evenly deposits on surfaces. This component, which is present in all cleaning products, helps, by passing a damp cloth, the removal of dirt, cleaning and hygienizing.​​​
  • Surfaces disinfection​
    To complete the sanfication process, you can use any disinfectant product found in supermarkets suitable for all surfaces. It is advisable to change the type of disinfectant periodically because not all products are suitable for various viruses and bacteria, thus avoiding increasing their resistance to frequently used products.