PURIFOG HYPO formulation follows the effectiveness indications issued by WHO and ISS that provide, for the effective treatment of surfaces, solutions that contain 0.5% of sodium hypochlorite. PURIFOG HYPO is suitable only to emit fog during the night hours and not for a dual use feature as an anti-intrusion device.​

Features :

  • It thoroughly cleans and hygienizes any environment​ ​
  • Mist in the air, it remains suspended for several hours, dragging down any particle in the air, reaching any crack, angle, surface, wall, with an estimated efficiency of more than 1,700 times higher than a normal spray dispenser.​
  • It does not require the intervention of specialised operators​
  • You can activate it at night even remotely​
  • ​Patented​
  • ​Fogging formulation based on alcohol, water, glycole dipropylenic, quaternary ammonium salts, tensioactives and sodium hypochlorite.​
  • It uniformly deposits on surfaces the active ingredients.