RF 200SC

Rapid Fog

How can we stop instant burglary, robbery or break-in? How about the workers safety during burglary? Most importantly, hot to protect the assets whenever there is an intrusions? The answer to all questions is ‘THE RAPID FOG System’. The one and only anti-burglary solution that provide INSTANT PROTECTION to your properties.

RAPID FOG, a high speed fogging system that gives you security and safety protection on your properties. Once the RAPID FOG is activated, within seconds of the high speed fog emulsion, the intruder will be instantly blinded with ZERO visibility.

This prevent the intruder from further entering the premises but to leave immediately. Having to integrated the RAPID FOG with an Intrusion/Burglar Alarm System, it provides a total security protection.

RAPID FOG as one of the most effective prevention system for instant burglary, robbery and break-in. It defeats the intrusion instantly and immediately.


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