Security Control panel FLEXi SP3

FLEXi is a hybrid security control panel with on-board WiFi and Cellular or Ethernet connectivity. Unique feature set allows you to use this panel both in intrusion alarm and automation installations.

Old System Takeover
Replace any alarm panel without changing resistors in each sensor. In TrikdisConfig you can set what resistor nominal value is used with FLEXi. This saves a lot of time during a retro-fit installation.

Integrated 4G, WiFi and Ethernet allows to save precious seconds in case of a break-in. Fast connectivity also allows for faster remote configuration and remote control.

Cost Effective
Integrating the communicator into the alarm panel board allow to save a lot in the final price. WiFi allows to save on cellular data costs. Remote configuration allows to add users, change passwords and other settings without visitng the site.

FLEXi expandable up to 32 zones and up to 16 OUTs. Also add additional VHF/UHF band radio or SigFox channel and achieve reliable multi-path communication.