Alarm transmission through GPRS and GSM

TRIKDIS GPRS/GSM alarm transmission system is for security companies, upgrading from fixed telephone line communication to wireless public networks. The devices are quick and easy to install, stable and simple to maintain, and due to polling provides almost instant alarm if communication to the receiver is lost.

Our communicators provide security companies and installers with:

Full Integration
TRIKDIS communicators transfer full alarm information from all security control panels on the market, therefore it is easy to integrate them into an existing security system:

  • G10 integrates directly via serial Data Bus with: Paradox, DSC, Pyronix, Caddx, Crow, Texecom
  • G10T integrates with every Contact ID panel with telephone line communi- actor
  • G10C connects to any panel’s dry contacts

Simple Installation
Installation is quick and easy using Data Bus, because there is no need to reconfigure the panel or to know the Master password. Device settings can be loaded easily before installation, for many modules at once via USB.

Centralized control and configuration
Our communicators can be mass configured and controlled remotely from a central monitoring station.

Reduced expenses
When using TRIKDIS devices, only one IP receiver is required to receive alarm information from security control panels made by various brands. Only one brand communicators need to be stocked in company’s inventory, and less staff is needed to install them.

Constant communication control
Every TRIKDIS device checks communication with the receiver every 30 -1800 seconds. Alarm is generated if communication with the device is lost.

Message transmission trough several communication channels
TRIKDIS communicators can send messages to primary or back-up IP address. If the connection is lost, alarm messages are sent via SMS messages. For addi- tional security, parallel radio or Ethernet transmitters can be connected.

Internationally recognized technology
Equipment is being used by many successful security companies worldwide.


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