Water Detector

The new water detector WD1, is a two-way wireless water detector designed to identify when the device contact with water by leakage, flood and unusual of water usage while you are unaware. When contact with water, the device would communicate to the alarm panel and will trigger to notify you.‚Äč
Another extraordinary function is able to determine the connection between alarm panel, especially during detection.


    • Two-way wireless water detector
    • Tamper on bottom of main unit to notify of unintended movement (fix- mounting required)
    • 433 / 868 MHz selectable dip switch
    • Blue LED indicator and Piezo
    • 3-year battery life
    • Any pair of pins in contact with water triggers detection
    • Can be programmed to shut off electric water valve using a PGM
    • Firmware upgradeable
    • Floor bracket with double-sided tape, no drilling required (included)
    • ES1 Extension Sensor (optional)
    • CE and IP67