KLCC, Kuala Lumpur (Sept 11th-13th, 2014)

IFSEC (International Fire, Security Exhibition & Conference) South East Asia is the largest International Security Exhibition in the region. Stratel (Malaysia) is the Official Distributor in S.E.A for EBS Products, MCDI, Patriot System, Videofied(RSI Video Technologies), VideoIQ and Winsted. Stratel is also in partnership with DiGi as our Network Service Provider.

Having a large booth of 36m2, Stratel presents a full line of Prevention & Intrusion Detection Products under the theme of PREVENTIVE & PROACTIVE SECURITY SOLUTIONS.

With a full range of Security System Control Room setup using Winsted (USA) console, clients are provided with real-time experience. The systems comprise of: 1) Real-Time Monitoring Security System, 2) Preventive Intelligent Video Surveillance, 3) Instant Video Alarm Verification, 4) Real-Time Monitoring & Supervision of Security Guards.

Products that Stratel showcased are as follow:-

1 EBS Guard Tour System.
Real-Time Monitoring Device that provides Voice Communications and also GPS Tracking. Device such as ActiveTrack gained audience interest due to its amazing features, such as Active View – cloud based mobile application. The durability of EBS products was also demonstrated by constantly immersing the devices in a bowl of water and thereafter showing their continuous operability.
2 MCDI line of central station receiver & Patriot System Software.
MCDI includes the Decrypta-4, Decrypta-6 and the newly released Extrium:DB. There was also a showcase of the new upcoming Securithor 2.0 central station alarm monitoring software and the Patriot 6.2 monitoring platform. Both software integrated smoothly with Third-Party vendor Hardware (VideoFied, VideoIQ, HikVision & Paradox IPRS-7).
3 VideoFied (RSI Video Technologies) presented the latest additions to the Videofied line of fully wireless video intrusion control panels, including the IMV200 wireless indoors Motion Viewer offering full colour recording and the upcoming Eye-Verify mobile application. Visitors were able to see for themselves the benefits of self-powered, wire-free intrusion detection devices as well as the smooth integration of RSI’s Frontel receiver software with Patriot and Securithor central station alarm monitoring software.
4 Showcased VideoIQ’s full line of Intelligent Video Surveillance products, including the ICVR 2.1MP all-in-one 1080p/30fps HD camera featuring on-camera megapixel analytics and on-board NVR, the new Rialto R-Series analytics hybrid appliance capable of processing up to 16 video streams (Analog or IP) and the new I Series 4-channel Rialto IP appliance. Visitors were able to see for themselves the benefits of prevention based video surveillance (as opposed to traditional reactive CCTV) and the ability to instantly receive high resolution video evidence of security threats.
5 5. The new Prestige Slat –Wall Console from Winsted (USA) was used for the occasion, attracting many visitors thanks to the ultra-modern and sleek design. Visitors were able to see for themselves the unique capability of Slat-Wall to fit up to 5 monitors on a space-saving console while maximizing work space and comfort.

The booth was constantly packed with visitors, among them were the Malaysian Inspector General of Police (IGP), the Minister of Home Affairs and key homeland security agencies.

“We’ve had close to 350 visitors registering at the booth during the three days. Judging from the turnout, the concept of technology assisted remote guarding is fast gaining ground in this region. Videofied’s are opening new markets for system integrators and guarding firms to conquer with proven solutions to highly challenging sites,” Philip Saint-Pere, Stratel’s Managing Director commented.