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More Wireless Devices


Wireless Siren:
Wireless Outdoor Siren with Built-in Strobe Light


  • Battery operated (3 “C” alkaline batteries) Weather-resistant design with UV protection
  • 2-way, fully supervised communication with the control panel
  • 100dB Piezo siren
  • Dual-tamper detection (cover and wall)
  • Wireless range in a typical residential environment: Up to 70m


Wireless Detector:
Wireless Ceiling-Mounted Smoke Detector


  • One high-sensitivity photoelectric smoke sensor
  • Test/Mute button
  • LED operation indicator
  • Battery operated
  • Built-in siren (85dB at 3m)


Wireless Detector:
Wireless Glassbreak Detector


  • Impact and shock wave analysis
  • 6m radius range and 360 degrees coverage pattern protects an entire room with one sensor
  • Detect breaking of different types of glass including plate, tampered, laminated and wired
  • High-immunity to RFI and EMI 

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