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RAPID FOG Intrusion Fogging System

Ecosystem Included:

Rapid Fog Advance (RF200SC)

RAPID FOG ADVANCE is the ideal anti-intrusion fogging system designed to protect shops, homes, and various professional applications requiring high security technology. Equipped with a single cylinder for convenient, reliable, and redundant shooting, it can release up to 200 m3 of dense fog in just 15 seconds. The system is exceptionally fast and competitive, and it is prearranged for easy wall installation.


  • Powerful and fast fogging system
  • Removable and disposable fog cylinder
  • Automatically detects if the nozzle has been obstructed

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TEMPEST is the anti-intrusion battery-operated fog system.


  • Totally autonomous for 6 months without power (low power mode).
  • Compatible with any alarm system (via dry contact)
  • Small size and light weight

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